O'Hagan 2018

Patrick mackey o hagan final color

Final color completed digitally in Photoshop.

Patrick mackey o hagan final big lines

Refined inks completed digitally in Photoshop.

Patrick mackey final refined o hagan handin

Original pencils completed traditionally with color erase and 2B pencil.

Patrick mackey o hagan thumbnails 001

The thumbnails I roughed out before I started posing out and concepting O'Hagan in a more refined fashion!

Patrick mackey pose test 1

Original post test after doing initial thumbnail test.

Patrick mackey pose test 2

A more refined drawing of pose test one that was later abandoned.

Patrick mackey pose test 3 001

Pose test 3.

Patrick mackey unfinished refined 001

A more refined pose test of pose 3 that I abandoned after more expoloration.

O'Hagan 2018

"Once a wise old man who wandered the Earth. O'Hagan was charged the duty of protecting humanity and the good that exists in it from the God's themselves. O'Hagan's spirit was reincarnated for the sole purpose to be a "Spirit Guide" for the living. Walking for an eternity watching over those that needed protection most. He recently was charged with watching over Daric Steele... who may serve to be his most challenging assignment yet".

(Property of Patrick Mackey *Catchintherift* 2018)